You can earn on the Internet. Even it is possible to earn so much that would be enough for life. But if life has driven you to the fifth corner and you need money urgently, then you have a direct route to one of the many poker rooms. So called poker clubs, which in RuNet about a dozen. I mean more or less large. So, you take a deep breath and press the cherished “download” button. And already made a mistake.
It is best to play the game without playing your hard-earned money — you still lose. You can ask a reasonable question, but what to do? The answer is – register in one of the poker schools that give start-up capital. Fifty American rubles to the account – this is exactly the amount that will either convince you of the correctness of your decision, or forever discourage the hunt to gamble.
Remember right away – no one will give you any money just like that – you will have to learn the rules and basic strategies – as a rule, it takes one or two days – after answering a couple of dozen questions – you will receive a message in your mail that you have passed the quiz and the school is ready to transfer the cherished $ 50 to your account. But here you do not need to rush to rejoice. As they say everything is just beginning.
Stock up on scans of your passport (all relevant pages). When choosing a poker room, be honest, any inaccuracy can result in the inability to use the money received. Do not be lazy and get a special mailbox to communicate with the administrations of the poker school sponsoring your new hobby and poker room. This is necessary so that there would be no typos and discrepancies in the accounts.
The second golden rule – do not play at the micro limits, there you will quickly turn into easy prey (fish) so called beginners in poker circles. Money is being pumped out of them. And they do it very skillfully. Your $ 50 will be enough for a couple of hours of the evil feeling of powerlessness – well, the map does not come and that’s it!