Who among us has not tried to make money on the Internet? If you are reading this article, then at least you had such an idea. There are different ways and a lot of them. There are ways with investments of time and money, but there are quick and easy. Let’s talk about the latter. There are very few such opportunities, unfortunately, but they are. In my case, this opportunity was poker for real money in the online poker rooms.
So let’s start with attachments. Each online casino has its own fees. Usually you create an account whose account you need to replenish with a minimum amount in rubles or in another currency in order to be able to play for real money. There are also tournaments that do not require a fee, but there you can win real money. These tournaments are called “Freerolls.” On them you will need luck above average, to say the least. In addition, in almost any poker rooms you can practice on conditional points that are free and not afraid to lose them. There are still many different tournaments and real-world modes, but we will pay attention to the so-called cash games or cash tables.
A cash game is a mode in which you sit down at the table, which one you choose, with almost any available stack. At such a table, the blinds will not rise, and players can sit down and stand up whenever they want. Let us turn, finally, to my “commandments”:
1. If you are gambling, then turn off the “stupid” part of your excitement. If you understand that your hand is most likely weaker than the hands of rivals, fold. Do not be afraid to lose the blind.
2. Try to watch the flop more often if there is a chance to get something worthwhile on the flop. Sometimes, even with a weak card like 5.7, you can catch a full house on the flop. But remember, if the card is weak try preflop to put only the blind and not more.
3. When you catch the so-called “nuts” (the strongest possible combination in the hand), do not rush to show it. If the opponents do not have anything, then they will not bet a lot in any case, but if they also have a strong hand (certainly not stronger than yours), then give up the initiative. Let them attack before the river. And there already go to the all-in, if you have not been forced before.