If you are going to pay for any system to play in an online poker, then do not rush to make such a purchase, in spite of all the assurances of those who are trying to sell you this “win-win” system.
First of all, think about this – where does this kind of generosity come from? If the person or people who offer you such a system is sure that it works, so why do they spend so much time selling it, and do not play and do not win? But according to them, this system works at 100%.
And, secondly, try to understand that all the systems were created for real roulette tables and tables for playing Blackjack, where you can at least approximately predict that after the loss of 5 “black” numbers with a probability of 98.7%, “red ”, And what is the probability of getting the right card when dealing. In addition, most operating systems have a“ mechanical ”basis – a flaw in the roulette wheel, tracking places in the deck, where many aces are concentrated, etc.
But in online pokers, in contrast to reality, all games are controlled by programs whose logic is not based on probability theory, not on the theory of the sequence of large and small numbers, but only on the desire of poker owners to make money. So, if it is necessary (for them, not for you), after 5 “black” numbers, the one that makes you lose will fall out, and you will always get the worst card for you. And even the honesty control mechanism of online poker MD5 cannot guarantee that you will not be deceived.
But not everything is so tragic, because you still have a chance to make a living by gambling. Only for this, for this you must once and for all abandon the very thought of trying your luck at the online poker, focusing all your attention on the poker rooms.
And the logic and correctness of this advice is very simple:
1. In the poker room you will only play with real people, and a deck that is truly controlled by the laws of random numbers, which will completely save you from the intervention of bots and robots in the game.
2. 90% of the most famous at the moment and the richest professional players in the world began their careers in the poker rooms.
3. Here you can always find a game both for your level and for your wallet.
4. Many poker rooms are ready to teach you all the intricacies of playing poker for free.
5. Gradually improving and gaining skill, you can take part in more and more serious tournaments, the winnings in which are measured in tens and even not hundreds of dollars, but hundreds of thousands and millions.